in our shelf (04/05) braid re-issue!!!

new relelases
JAPANDROIDS - Art Czars (POLYVINYL/ORC195) 7"+MP3 680円 (714円)
BRAID - Frankie Wellfare Boy Age Five (POLYVINYL/PRC180LP) 2xLP(white)+MP3
2080円 (2184円)
BRAID - Frankie Wellfare Boy Age Five (POLYVINYL/PRC180) CD1480円 (1544円)
BRAID - Age of Octeen (POLYVINYL/PRC181LP) LP(blue)+MP3 1880円 (1974円)
BRAID - Movie Music Volume One (POLYVINYL/PRC030LP) 2xLP(red)+MP3 1980円
BRAID - Movie Music Volume Two (POLYVINYL/PRC031LP) 2xLP(orange)+MP3 1980円
LOVE IS ALL - Two Thousand and Ten Injuries (POLYVINYL/PRC194) LP(white)+MP3
1680円 (1764円)
DECIBULLY - World Travels ( LISTENING PARTY/LP001) 2xLP+CD 2280円 (2394円)

ALOHA - Home Acres (POLYVINYL/PRC189) LP(maroon vinyl)+MP3 1680円 (1764円)
ALOHA - Home Acres (POLYVINYL/PRC189) CD 1480円 (1554円)
AMERICAN FOOTBALL - American Football Zip-Up Sweatshirt (POLYVINYL/no
number) パーカー (S) 4286円 (4500円)
BRAID - The Age of Octeen (MUD/MUD018) CD 1880円 (1974円)
BRAID - Arrows T-Shirt (POLYVINYL/PRCTS325) T-SHIRTS (S/M) 2381円 (2500円)
THE CITY ON FILM - American Diary (REDDER/RDR007) CDEP 1280円 (1344円)