from Sandiego again

100 WATT HALO - The Steady Continental (GOLDEN ROD/GR100) LP 1680円 (1764円)
BOILERMAKER - st (WRENCHED/WR014) CD 1880円 (1974円)
BOYS LIFE - Departures And Landfalls (HEADHUNTER/HED063) CD 1880円 (1974円)
HEAVY VEGETABLE - The Amazing Undersea Adventures of Aquakitty & Friends (HEADHUNTER/HED027) 1880円 (1974円)
HEAVY VEGETABLE - Frisbie (HEADHUNTER/HED047) 1880円 (1974円)
DIS - Historically Troubled 3rd Album (SONIC BUBBLEGUM/GUN025) CD 1880円 (1974円)
DRIVE LIKE JEHU - st (HEADHUNTER/HED008) CD 1980円 (2079円)
DRIVE LIKE JEHU - st (HEADHUNTER/HED008) LP 1880円 (1974円)
FISHWIFE - Popquida Rosada Mona (GOLDEN ROD/GR19) CD 1880円 (1974円)
GARDEN VARIETY - Knocking the Skill Level (HEADHUNTER) CD 1880円 (1974円)
HEMROCK - Valvestate EP (GOLDEN ROD/GR45) CDEP 1680円 (1764円)
ROB CROW - Lactose Adept (EARTH MUSIC/HEADHUNTER/EAR017) CD 1880円 (1974円)
MY COMPLEX - If We Keep Moving (HEADHUNTER/HED086) CD 1880円 (1974円)
PITCHBLENDE - Gygax! (HEADHUNTER/HED048) CD 1880円 (1974円)
SPANAKORZO - Influx (GOLDEN ROD/GR47) CD 1880円 (1974円)
TANNER - (Germo) Phobic (HEADHUNTER/HED075) CD 1880円 (1974円)
TANNER / NO KNIFE - split (GOLDEN ROD/GR17) 7" 780円 (819円)
THINGY - Songs About Angels, Evil and Running Around On Fire (HEADHUNTER/HED067) CD 1880円 (1974円)
THUMBNAIL - Red Dead (HEADHUNTER/HED064) CD 1880円 (1974円)
THUMBNAIL - st (HEADHUNTER)/HED060) CD 1880円 (1974円)
THUMBNAIL - st (HEADHUNTER)/HED060) LP 1880円 (1974円)
THUMBNAIL - The Sound Of Tomorrow To... (HEADHUNTER/HED722) 7" 780円 (819円)