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new releases
THE APPLESEED CAST - Two Conversations (GRAVE FACE/GRAVE035) LP+MP3 1880円 (1974円)
PELICAN - What We All Come To (SOUTHERN LORD/LORD110) CD 1780円 (1869円)
SPARKLEHORSE + FENNESZ - In The Fishtank (IN THE FISH TANK/FISH015) LP 1980円 (2079円)
THEMSELVES - Crowns Down (ANTICON/ABR0096) CD 1880円 (1974円)

DOSH - The Lost Take (ANTICON/ABR0067) CD 1980円 (2079円)
DRIVE LIKE JEHU - Yank Crime (SWAMI/SWA115) CD 1880円 (1974円)
PITCHFORK - Eucalyptus (SWAMI/SWA116) CD 1880円 (1974円)
THREE MILE PILOT - 1991-1999 Box Set (SELF/THREE1991) 6xCD 2880円 (3024円)