BYGONES - st (SAGENT HOUSE/SH014) CD 1780円 (1869円)
BYGONES - st (SAGENT HOUSE/SH014) LP 2080円 (2184円)
CAST SPELLS - Bright Works And Baton (SAGENT HOUSE/SH024) CDEP 1380円 (1449円)
NATIVE - We Delete; Erase EP (SAGENT HOUSE/SH019) CDEP 1380円 (1449円)
MAPS & ATLASES - Tree, Swallows, Houses (SAGENT HOUSE/no number) CDEP 1380円 (1449円)
RUSSIAN CIRCLES - Station (SAGENT HOUSE/SH007) LP 1980円 (2079円)
THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS - Animals (SAGENT HOUSE/SH012) CD 1780円 (1869円)
TERA MELOS - Drugs To The Dear Youth (SAGENT HOUSE/SARGENT004) CD 1380円 (1449円)