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CYNE - Pretty Dark Things (HOME TAPES/HT026) 2xLP+MP3 2180円 (2289円)
LARS HORNTVETH - Kaleidoscopic (SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND/STS097) CD 2180円 (2289円)
LOTUS PLAZA - The Floodlight Collective (KRANKY/KRANK129) CD 1780円 (1869円)
ODD NOSDAM - T.I.M.E. Soundtrack (ANTICON/ABR0092) LP 1980円 (2079円)
PATTERN IS MOVEMENTS - All Together (HOMETAPES/HT022) LP+MP3 1980円 (2079円)
SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS - Alpinisms (Ghostly International/GI81) LP+CD 1980円 (2079円)
TELEFON TEL AVIV - You Are The Worst Thing In The World Remixes (BPITCH CONTROL/BPC190) 12" 1280円 (1344円)
VA - Pop Ambient 2009 (KOMPAKT/KOMPAKT186) LP+CD 2180円 (2289円)

CYNE - Pretty Dark Things (HOME TAPES/HT026) CD 1780円 (1869円)
DAKOTA SUITE - The End Of Trying (KARAOKE KALK/KALK46) CD 2180円 (2289円)